Loving Lately: Keep your dreams close to your heart with Lock-it-Lockets

Lock it LocketsTwo things here. One, I know that the “Momday” card in there no longer fits the occasion, this is because this post is long overdue. ? Two, I just really love this product that I want to share it with you all today which I think deserves to be given, not just for oneself, but also to the special people in our lives in whatever occasion beyond Mother’s day. 

You know how those personalized charm bracelets became a hit to many because it can be so personal? Only this well known brand that kind of started it all isn’t as pocket friendly for many. Today though, you’ll be happy to know that there’s another brand that you can purchase without actually breaking your wallet! Let me tell you about this new discovery of mine — the Lock -it- Lockets


Similar to other known brands, Lock-it-Lockets allows you to choose your own charms which you then place (lock) inside a beautiful bezel, worn close to your heart as necklace. 

Lock it Lockets

The bezel comes in different design, shapes, sizes and colors, too.

Lock it Lockets

The Studded Necklace
The Studded Lockets
The Sparkling Necklace
The Sparkling Lockets
The Mickey Locket
The Mickey Lockets
The Small Plain Lockets
The Small Plain Lockets
The small size come in studded, too!
The small size come in studded, too!
The Heart Locket
The Heart Lockets

Lock it Lockets also has a wide variety of charms that you can choose from — from animals, to hobbies, to family, love, relationship, faith, cartoon characters, snacks, drinks, travel, symbols… name it! 

Lock it Lockets

And here are some of the plates you can add inside your Lock it Lockets… 

Lock it Lockets

There are other more words like — faith, love life, blessed, believe, wish, love… and so on, that you can choose from. 

Lock it Lockets

Here’s what I did for my own, the things I hold dear in my heart: love (God), my family, ring (marriage), the heart which symbolizes my friends, books! that would be the Bible and reading, Apple (gadgets, ha!), camera (photography), dreams (my passion!), guitar for music, car for driving (I love to drive!), airplane for traveling and the money bag to remind me to always do my best to provide for our family. 

I love how meaningful Lock it Lockets can be. More than just an adornment, it holds the symbols of what you hold close to your heart. What can be more sweet than that! Now you have to agree with me that this is one perfect present for any occasion, right? I bet whoever you give this to will surely love it! 

Lock it Lockets can also make this as keychain (for when you want to give this as a gift to the man in your life), bag charms, plus they also offer this in bangles. To get your own and find out more about this lovely product, you can check out their Facebook page HERE

Lock it Lockets is priced at P800.00 per necklace which includes 3 free charms and chain. Extra charms only costs P30.00 and the plates at P90.00 each. The bangles and bracelets are at P1200.00 inclusive of 5 charms. I told you it’s pocket friendly! 

And if you place your order this week (from August 6 to 13), you get an additional 10% discount by using the code #lifeispeachy! What are you waiting for grab your own Lock-it-Lockets, have fun customising your own necklace and get to meet the amazing woman behind this product, Yvette. ?

Lock it Lockets

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  1. Yvette says:

    Thanks Peach. Life is really a peach with you in it! Loves and Hugs Dear!


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