5 Chic & Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to DIY

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

A few days from now we will all be celebrating a day dedicated to the most special woman in our lives– the woman whom God appointed to bear us in her womb for nine long months and took really good care of us from thereon-after, our beautiful MOM

While I know that the quarantine made it quite challenging for us to come up with something special to give her on this special day, I believe that it is not a reason for us just let a day pass without doing something special for her and giving her a little token of appreciation that we can make ourselves with so much love.

So I’ve picked my Top 5 Mother’s Day DIY Gift Ideas to share with you all. These are chic yet inexpensive and easily doable projects that you can do right at the comfort of your homes. 

Ready? Here we go… 

  • Make a Clay Petal Planter by A Beautiful Mess. Now this project is perfect for moms who loves plants! Who doesn’t, right? This is very easy to follow and needs only a couple of items to make. I love how it can brighten up a space and give it a happy-vibe! 

  • A Child’s Handprint Clay Jewelry Dish by Simple As That. If you have a child at home or you’ve got pretty cute hands (haha!), then this project is for you! This is a super cute dish that you can color and customize, and is sure to make mom’s jewels even more precious.  

  • Adorable Tiny Photo Magnets by SundaesSins. I don’t know about you but a mom like me loves putting up notes on the fridge for reminders and this tiny photo magnets is a surefire way to make moms smile every time they leave and look at their notes. Print her favorite photos or do a whacky face-shot of each member of the family and turn it into these adorable tiny photo magnets. Super adorbs! 

  • Upcycled Mason Jar Flower Display by Dainty Dress Diaries. Isn’t these the cutest? I not only love how simple it was made but I also love how dainty it suddenly turns a space. If you’re planning to give your mom flowers this Mother’s Day I bet it’ll look so good in these up-cycled mason jars! Really really pretty!

  • Manicure in a Jar by Real Creative Real Organized. My mom loves cleaning her own nails. If your mom is the same, then this gift set is your choice. What I love about this is you being in control of what to put inside– you can choose to include her favorite nail color, her favorite brand of nail polish, and so on. And oh the jar!!! 

There you have it, my Top 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas to DIY. While there are so many gift ideas to make that you can find available online, those 5 are a few of my favorites. Not only are they gorgeously pretty, the materials are readily available despite the lockdown, they’re easy-peasy to make, too. Customize the colors, design it the way you want it, the choice is yours. Let out your creativity! However you design it one thing is for sure– because YOU made it, it’ll definitely melt your mom’s heart. 

To all the amazing moms out there– WE LOVE YOU… 


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