DIY: Tassle

DIY Tassle

A tassle is such an easy way to add an element of style whether to ones space or outfit. It’s a chic statement that easily dress up windows, lamps, necklaces, bags,… the list goes on. Feeling inspired by my bestfriend who requested that I make her a tassle necklace (because when we checked out a simple tassle necklace at SM it was a whopping P300+). Here is how you can make your own chic tassles for less than P50.00!

You will need:

  • Cardboard – cut to your desired tassel length 
  • Wood beads
  • Sharp scissors
  • Thread

DIY Tassle

  • With your cardboard, wrap the thread around your template until you reach your desired thickness. Of course the fuller the tassel, the richer the look.  πŸ˜‰ 

DIY Tassle

  •   Once you have reached your desired thickness, take an extra length of your thread and tie off one of the ends. 

DIY Tassle

  • Now with your sharp scissors, cut the bottom loop. Trim off the longer strands. 

DIY Tassle

  • Grab 3 strands on either side of the top part of your tassle and braid them. This will serve as the tie so you can attach your tassel on anything you want to create or accessorize. 
  • Once you’re done braiding, slide your beads in.

DIY Tassle
Tie a knot and tada! You now have your very own tassle. Easy peasy, right? Plus, it’s pocket friendly too. The possibilities are endless — colors, beads, thread, string, length and fullness. I can’t wait to make lots of things with tassles!

If you happen to make a tassle using this tutorial, please do let me know in the comments.. I would love to see how you did yours. πŸ™‚    


4 comments on “DIY: Tassle

  1. the braid as a tie is a genius, beb! this i haven”t tried and will do on the weekends???thank you for doing this…ahahaha!

  2. Riz says:

    Asan na ang mga bagong posts? πŸ™‚

    Stay inspired, Peachy! You never know how many others you inspire.

    Blog hopping from the #pursuitmanila FB group! <3

    • Peachy says:

      Thank you, Rhiz! You’re message sparked an inspiration and urgency in me. I will pick up! ? I love you! Oh, and I miss Chasing Dreams blog too! Please come back! ❀️


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