Minatamis na Saging

Our employees loves to shower us with food — from vegetables freshly harvested, native chicken, fresh picked fruits, down to local snacks. One morning, after our driver blessed us with lots of Saba banana, the husband asked me to make him sweetened banana. That’s when I realized that, albeit a childhood favorite, I’m not sure how it is done because I have never made one myself since it has always been mom who does it for us. So today, I’m sharing with you the recipe to...
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Workshop at the Neighborhood Game Cafe! 

Hey guys so sorry I have neglected this blog for a while. Nothing bad happened, I have just been busy with so many challenging yet exciting things but will tell you more about it in a different post.  Today though I wanted to share with you that together with Memory Crafters, I will be teaching an extensive polymer clay workshop this weekend at my favorite gaming cafe — the Neighborhood Game Cafe! And while learning about handling the medium, we...
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